Monday, November 2, 2009

Only a Picture

Phalanopsis spp

This past weekend the debauchery and mayhem of Key West reached its usual annual peak…Fantasy Fest. For those of you who don’t know of this insanity, let’s just say it tends to be a half naked Mardi Gras in the southern most city. Go to Youtube if you really want to know more. Key Weird is inundated by about 60,000 extra folks all bent on letting their freak flag fly for one weekend a year. That said, you can understand why many of the locals are a little edgy.

Balfour Aralia (Polyscias scutellaria) & Croton

So that preamble brings us to my little story. Camera in hand, I was walking down a tiny little lane between a couple larger streets. There are a bunch of these glorified alleyways and I’ve never had a problem on them, until now.

Chenille Acalypha (Acalypha hispida)

I came upon small Conch house, in a state of disrepair surrounded with lush tropical vegetation. A sort of hedge, untrimmed and rangy AcaIypha of varying cultivars combined with Crotons and Aralias made up barrier between the postage stamp yard and the lane. I was busy trying to focus the macro mode on a Black Aralia and as usual having little success, being as I forgot my cheater reading glasses in the truck.

Acalypha spp.

In the back of my mind I heard the old man but it just didn’t register that he was talking to me.

“Hey you…Hey!...Hey YOU!! What are you doin.”

Brassia spp.?

Finally I caught on and looked over to see and elderly man holding garden hose trained on a group of orchids I had photographed a few minutes earlier.

Emerald Acalypha (Acalypha wilkesania"Hoffmanii")

Opening my mouth to ask permission to photograph his plants I was interrupted by a pack of college age scooter riders, zipping down the lane, madly beeping their horns in accompaniment to much hooting and hollering. Why must they always do that?

Black Aralia (Polyscias guilfoylei"Blackie")

It was then that the sky opened up in a hurricane-like deluge of water. Wait sec, rain doesn’t come down in a stream. With catlike reflexes I looked back to the house. The old man had a gleeful snarl on his lips as he pointed the pistol grip of his hose, unleashing a torrent of killer water. My mind in overdrive, I instantly assessed the situation, and reacted…by saying “Huh?”

Copperleaf Acalypha (Acalypha wilkesania"Copperleaf")

My middleschool Ninja training took over when I made a few goofy skips backwards out of hose range directly into the path of the last straggler scooter terrorist. It was only his drunken wobbling of the scooter that saved us both, much to the cackling delight of the octogenarian aggressor.

Acalypha wilkesania"Marginata")

Dripping and defeated I made my way back to my truck.

Sheesh, I only wanted a picture.


Anonymous said...

So funny --I know you didn't think so. I just love all those flowers -the red one (Chennille Acalypha) is so neat looking. Keep them coming-just learn to dodge a spray hose a lot faster!

Wendy said...

oh my god! I can't believe that happened! I don't often laugh out loud, but that's too funny. I guess he felt pretty bold with his hose! I mean, what if you went after him?

I'm glad no one got hurt!

Damn college kids hootin' and hollerin'.

It's so interesting to hear you tell stories about living in Key West. I guess places like this can get pretty annoying for residents. People just come down, party, trash the place, and leave.

Having said that, I may check it out on youtube. Sounds crazy!

Chloe m said...

Holy moly, sounds like Frozen Dead guy days in Nederland. Look that one up. I was hoping for more photos of the half naked Mardi gras but the photos of flowers will suffice. pretty blooms!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Oh my gosh! I'm sorry that happened to you and hope your camera didn't suffer any damage. Sheesh!

I've heard about that weird week from a friend who used to go down there with her DH and other couples. I can see why it would make you natives a little edgy, it would do the same to me also.

Hope your and your gardens have survived the invasion.


Autumn Belle said...

That old guy must be thinking that he is the Hollywood star while you are the paparazi.As for the wayward kids, we face the same problem over too. What a day for you. Your pictures of the flowers and foliage is fabulous.

Teresa said...

There you were caught between young & carefree and old & sorta crazy. You gotta love old people! They think they can say or do whatever they want cuz who will say anything to them? I suppose I will be the same someday. I hope you kept your camera dry! Also glad you weren't hurt. .

Wendy said...

Oh, and I'm leaving you an Honest Scrap award on my blog. No pressure though! :)

Michelle said...

Beautiful photos and interesting story to accompany them! Glad that your camera, and you too, did not get run over! Thanks for sharing. Michelle

Jim Groble said...

Your pics are so cool. I visit to see brilliant colors and beautiful flowers and plants. as it gets colder up here, I'll be visiting more often.

Meems said...

That was an interesting story... strange things do go on down there in the Keys... it attracts all sorts doesn't it!

You've helped me ID some plants my dad gave me last year. The Acalypha wilkesania "Hoffmanii" and the Acalypha wilkesania "Marginata".

I rooted them from cuttings and even though we aren't as warm as Charlotte County they are doing well in my garden.


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