Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Blossom freed from...

Lantana camara-Gold

“Hey man…hang on a second and let me get a picture of that”

Plumbago auriculata

The grimy yard guy with the elcheapo knock off Felco clippers looked at me and with all the intelligence he could muster said, “Huh?”

Dracena reflexa- Song of India

He was just reaching down to clip a Gold Lantana bloom that had strayed through the white picket fence. I didn’t waste any time answering and quickly clicked the shutter. As I wandered away down Caroline St. in Key West the yard ape uttered the ultimate epithet to a local such as myself…”Tourist!”

Ixora hybrid-Nora Grant

See what inglorious indignities I suffer for you folks.

Bougainvilla spectabilis

It was in my mind to write some cute post about plants that creep through the garden fence to share their beauty with, “We, the Outsiders whom are not privy to the Inner Garden”. The only thing is I don’t do cute to well.

Philodenron hybrid 'Burle Marx'

Let’s try this tactic… “Plants that know no bounds, the Untamed”. Hmmm…nah, sounds like something from the Discovery channel.

Mandavilla splendens

Ok, maybe “Blossom freed from Bondage”…errr, nope, too much like some smarmy adult DVD.

Codiaeum spp

Aw heck, “Flowers through the Fence”, yeah, that’ll work…not to creative but, whatever.

Pentas lanceolata

Key West must have more white picket fences per capita than any other town I know and plants doing their thing tend to grow though them and I always looking for something to feed the voracious appetite of the blogosphere decided to do a photo series. So here ya go …but I still kinda like the ring of “Blossom freed from Bondage”, smarmy or not.


azplantlady said...

Hello Scott,

I think I am kind of on the fence (no pun intended) between "Flower through the Fence" and "Blossom Freed from Bondage". I do know that I love your photos and I think white picket fences are a great way to reign in a garden.

Vickie's Michigan Garden (my backyard) said...

I love taking pictures of other people's gardens too-embarrasses my daughter when I try to go over top the fence. Key West must be a gardener's paradise-they are all so pretty.

Mary Delle said...

Fun post touring white picked fences. Some nice flowers and plants.

The Violet Fern said...

I have to say I favor that Plumbago ... white picket is WAY better than chain link. Really liked this series - felt like I was walking along. I normally just stare at people's gardens - maybe I should "take a picture."

janie said...

Well, if the shoe fits....'Blossom Freed from Bondage' does have a ring to it. You got me giggling.

Linda said...

Well whatever you title it, those white picket fences make great backdrops for flower photos. Those are some gorgeous shots.

Nell Jean said...

Your prose doesn't matter, speak from the heart.

I expect you just missed a butterfly finding one of those blossoms. I'm surprised there wasn't one on the lantana and the pentas.

Amy said...

LOL! Whatever the title...those are great pics.

Di said...

Thanks for the visit. Speaking of beautiful photos! and love the symmetry of the Pentas and fence.

Jim Groble said...

Thanks for the greeting at Blotanical. Great pics. I also keep a camera with me for plant pics wherever I go.

jeansgarden said...

Hi Scott, It looks as though just walking down the street in Key West is a gardener's dream. This was an especially delightful virtual walk for those of us in the rapidly freezing north. Thanks for posting these.

Barbara said...

Scott, are people in Florida concerned that Lantana might be an invasive species? I was reading that in some warm climes they are - e.g. South Africa. Here in Germany we don't need to worry since they die after the first frost.

Scott & Liz said...

Thanks everyone for the encouraging words. i'm glad you guys enjoy a little humor with you blogs. I did have a dog chase me the other day takin' pics of a garden. Just comes with the territory I reckon.
Barbara is right on the money...Lantana is listed on the invasive spp. reason I don't grow it here on Big Pine. Good catch, Barbara.

rebecca sweet said...

I love this post - the images of flowers through the fence-boards are really great - definitely a 'free me from bondage' title! Very clever, indeed!

Martha said...

That ixora hybrid is spectacular. It takes a special flower to look beautiful behind bars.

I'm glad we don't have picket fences to paint in my neighborhood.

Sue said...

What a fun and funny post! I've had people come into my yard to take photos. That's OK with me. I'm on a corner lot with no sidewalks. Last summer, I saw movement out the window, and when I looked out the front door, there was a guy sitting on the curb. When he saw me he told me his wife was taking pictures, and that he was sorry for being in the yard. His English wasn't the best, so I'm not sure how much of what I said he understood, but he was clearly embarrassed. I told him he didn't have to be sorry, and she was welcome to take photos.

Have a great weekend!

radha said...

The white fence forms the perfect background for the pictures. The pictures by themselves are so neat and clean. Terrific.